3M Window Tints

When you think of getting your window tinted, why not get it tinted with the best technology?

3M Window Tint is the most advanced and technologically enhanced window tint that Awesome tint provides. 3M Window Tint provides all the benefits of a regular window tint at the maximum possible level.

Here is what you will get with our 3M Window Tints:

1. Nano-Tech Equipped 3M Window Tint:

Our 3M Window Tint is equipped with nano-technology responsible for its precision in all its functions.

Nano-technology allows our tint films to operate at a nano-level. It means that there is no apparent coating, painting, or coloring on our films. Rather, they contain fine ceramic particles at a nano-level. These fine particles create a strong layer of protection, making our tint 3M Window Tint high-tech and enabling it to counter the sharpest rays.

Since the technology is built at a nano-level, the naked eye does not feel any apparent difference, giving a seamless and transparent feel.

2. Anti-Peek 3M Window Tint:

With our 3M Window Tint, you can get complete privacy in your property as they are equipped with anti-peek technology, making them see through from one side only.

Our films will allow you to have a clear view through them if you are standing on the inside, but when somebody from the outside tries to do the same, he will either see a reflection of himself or get blocked out, depending on the technology you choose.

With our 3M window film, you will be able to carry out your affair without any interruptions. It will also save you from unwanted gazes, making sure nobody is collecting information about you with the plan of hurting you or your family.

3. Sunblock 3M Window Tint:

Because of the fine make and nano-technology, all of our window tints can block our excessive sunlight, especially UV and IR rays.

But our 3M window is designed to take the solar protection to the next level. Our tints are designed to read and monitor specific wavelengths of sunlight. Sun emits different types of radiation, and they can be defined according to their wavelength, many of which are harmful to the human body, especially the eyes and skin.

At the same time, some wavelengths are crucial for the optimum health of human beings as they play a role in breaking down melatonin and producing vitamin D.

Our 3M Window Tint blocks out only the harmful wavelengths of sunlight while allowing the beneficial ones to easily pass through, providing you with dual benefits for maintaining your health and maintaining it.

4. Seamless Installation of 3M Window Tint:

With the heavy-duty functions of our 3M Window Tint, one might wonder that they will make their windows look bulky. In reality, our tints will not make your windows look much better; they will also be hard to notice.

Installing a 3M Window Tint is an expert’s job and requires a lot of precision, without which you can get bubbles, bumps, streaks, particles, and uneven adhesion.

The staff at Awesome Tints is professionally trained to install 3M window films. Our installation process makes sure that you get the right type and size of 3M film for your window by taking proper measurements and accurately cutting the films. Our staff also cleans the windows before applying the film so that no dust or streaks on the glass surface might get sealed in.

After a thorough cleaning, we use professional techniques to precisely install tint films on your windows that will give a transparent look and adhere perfectly, and will not come off unless you want them to.

5. 3M Window Tint for Residential and Commercial Properties:

Our 3M Window Tints are equally beneficial and effective for all vehicles, regardless of the size of the windows, and type of glass.

Besides the benefits mentioned above, our 3M Window Tints are recommended for use because of the cost-effectiveness they provide.

By controlling the sunlight, they prevent heat buildup inside the premises and help maintain an optimum temperature. When the temperature remains optimum inside the vehicle, there is less need for air conditioning in hot weather, and even if there is, you only need to use your air conditioner on low power.

Similarly, our 3M Window Tint will keep heat from escaping the premises in colder weather, reducing the need for artificial heating.