Automotive Series

Manufactured for superior performance and long-lasting effects. At Awesome Tints, we have a complete range of tint films, each with its unique specifications and design to serve a particular purpose.  You can also find an option suitable for your budget and needs.

Our films are specifically designed while keeping Singapore’s climate under consideration and can provide effective protection against UV rays and prevent heat build-up. You will notice a difference in glare reduction and get a safer and more comfortable experience with your first drive right after the installation of our film.



The Awesome series is designed to block as much as 99% of the UV radiation, providing you absolute protection for your car’s interior. The basic series provides you with a complete package of heat rejection and protection against scratches and shattering.

  • 65% IR Rejection
  • 99% UV Blocking
  • Up to 4 Years Warranty
  • 100% LTA Approved
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If you want the ultimate protection from UV rays and heat build-up, our Extra Awesome series is the best choice for you.

The Extra Awesome Series is especially for car enthusiasts who only want the best for their car. With our Extra Awesome Series, you will not only get superior protection, but you will also get a stylish vehicle with a long-lasting tint.

  • 88% IR Rejection
  • 99% UV Blocking
  • Up to 6 Years Warranty
  • 100% LTA Approved


Supreme Awesome is our most superior tint series that comes with extraordinary precision in heat rejection, glare correction, and UV blockage. After installing our Supreme Awesome series, you will get an extremely comfortable driving experience, and the results will be obvious even on the hottest days.

  • 95% IR Rejection
  • 99% UV Blocking
  • Up to 10 Years Warranty
  • 100% LTA Approved
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Features of Our Car Tinting Service

Car Window Tinting might seem like a standard technology to the eyes, but the Best Tint for Car has many features that do not meet the eye. Awesome Tints provides the Best car Window Tint that can provide you with many benefits along with a cooler-looking car. The benefits outweigh the cost to tint car windows.

Here is what car window tinting Singapore offers:

1. Best Tint for Car- Heat Protection:

Car Tinting service solves a crucial problem that almost all car drivers in Singapore face. Our Best Tint for Car is specially designed for Singapore’s humid weather and has proven to block out excessive heat from your car so that you can have a comfortable drive.

Besides a pleasant driving experience, our Best car Window Tint will also prevent heat from building up in your car, protecting its sensitive interior. With our car window film in Singapore, your car’s interior will be better durable and retain its crisp look for longer.

It will also help you with your fuel consumption as with lower heat buildup, you will feel less need for air conditioning or will be able to use it at a lower power.

In the search for a car tint near me? Awesome Tints is your solution. Our car window tinting prices are unmatchable.

2. Low-Light Clarity with Best car Window Tint

Many drivers assume that car window tints will block out excessive light, make their windows darker and reduce the visibility through the glass. Their concerns are legitimate if they are not using the Best Tint for Car, that’s why don’t go for cheap car window tinting.

Substandard car window tints are painted to block visible light and reduce visibility. They can make your driving dangerous and cause accidents, especially in low-light environments or night-time.

But with our vehicle window tinting, you will get clear night-time clarity as our car window tint are not painted but use unique nanotechnology that works on a micro level to block out harmful radiations only. They will be enough to provide you with privacy but will not compromise your vision at all. Call Awesome Tints for car tinting in Singapore.

3. Car Window Tinting for Added Security

Rather than making your driving dangerous, our car window tints actually work to make it safer. Our car window tint holds a firm grip with your car’s glass pane.

In case of an accident, a hit, a shock, or an attack, our vehicle window tinting act as an extra level of security, making your car windows stronger and shatter-proof. They absorb any shocks to keep the vibrations from getting to your glass. Even if the shock makes it beyond our film, it will be impossible to break through your glass completely.

Our car window film in Singapore will hold the shattered glass together and keep the cracks from reaching the edges. It will also save you from any broken pieces of glass that could otherwise have hurt your body.

4. Tech-Friendly car Window Tint Singapore

Many drivers also complain about their car window tint interfering with the radio signals of their device, giving them internet and network problems.

The problem usually happens because of substandard, cheap car window tinting films that contain lead particles. Such particles act as a shield for radio and mobile signals, alter them and block them out of the car.

Our car window tinting in Singapore is designed to keep the technological preferences of Singaporean drivers under consideration. Our tint films are free of any such particles that will alter electronic signals. Their only job is to manage the light for you, and that’s all they would do.

5. Sharp Car Window Tinting

Besides technology, a significant concern of Singaporean drivers is that their car starts to look messy after the installation of tint film due to the unclean finish. Car window tints require a special technique and experience for fine application, and not everyone can do it.

At Awesome Tints, we have a team of trained professionals that know how to apply car tints on any car. Consider the cost to tint car windows a one-time investment.

We have a streamlined process that begins with taking proper measurements, using technically advanced machines and techniques to process the film to fit your car, and then manual application to ensure there is no bubble, dust particle, or streak in your car film.

After our application, you will not be able to tell if you have any film on your window or if it is colored glass. Our car window tinting prices are worth every penny.