Car Solar Film

With the advancement of technology, the progress of science, and multiple researches, we are aware that we are at risk of many such things that do not appear to be harmful.

One such thing is solar radiation. Harsh solar radiation can be damaging for both objects and human beings. They are the leading cause of eye and skin cancer, and the threat only seems to be increasing with the hike in global warming and depletion in the ozone layer.

The threat is relevant in the context of Singapore because of its warm and humid weather. It requires drivers in Singapore to equip their cars with the best car solar film Singapore as many residents use cars and spend a reasonable time traveling.

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Here are some of the benefits our car solar film Singapore can provide you:

1. Anti-Glare Car Solar Film Singapore:

The sunlight that Singapore receives is fairly sharp because of its global positioning. Sharp sun rays offer to create a glare on the car’s windshield, making it practically impossible for the driver to focus on the road and increasing the chances of road traffic accidents.

Even without the glare, direct sunlight in the eyes can blur the vision and reduce the focal length, damaging the eyes in the long run while still maintaining the risk of an accident.

Our solar films can effectively eliminate glass glaring as they are equipped with anti-glare technology that prevents the sun rays from dispersing as they hit the glass. Instead, they provide a smooth passage so that the rays do not affect the vision.

2. Best Car Solar Film Singapore for UV Reduction:

Besides eliminating glare, our solar films also block out harmful radiations from the sun. They provide an effective shield against UV and IR radiations, blocking up to 99% of them while reducing the intensity of the remaining 1%.

By blocking UV and IR radiations, our solar films ensure to cut off the risk of eyes and skin cancer while you drive your car.

Moreover, they are also designed to detect the wavelength of the sun rays and block out the rays with harmful wavelength while allowing the suitable ones to pass through.

3. Night Vision:

When they hear about blocking light out of the car, many of our customers think that it will compromise the visibility through the window, especially in low-light settings and at night time.

Our solar film is designed to act against solar radiation and does not interfere with artificial light. They can detect the rays they have to filter based on their intensity, frequency, and wavelength, which is fairly different between sunlight and street lights.

Doing this ensures that you get a clear vision in low-light settings and at night.

4. The durability of Car’s Interior:

Besides providing enormous benefits for the driver, our solar film also has advantages for the car; especially its interior.

Harsh rays coming from the sun can damage the interior of the car. They can make it stale, take away the luster and make it wear off.

Our solar films ensure that your car’s interior remains new, retains its look, and lasts longer by blocking such rays out.

5. Fuel and Mileage:

Another benefit for both driver and vehicle that our solar films provide is that they make the vehicle fuel-efficient, cost-effective.

Our solar films block excessive sunlight from the car; it keeps the interior from heating up and prevents heat build-up inside the car. As a result, the car maintains an optimum temperature and does not require frequent air conditioning. Even if it does, it uses less power to give desirable results, putting less strain on your vehicle.

The same goes for cooler weather as the solar films keep the heat trapped inside when the frequency is low, giving optimum temperature for winters and reducing the need for artificial heating.

As a result, your vehicle gives a better economy in the short term and maintains good health in the long run, reducing the need for servicing and maintenance.

6. Car Solar Film Singapore Price:

With the number of benefits our solar films provide, they are economical in any price range as they enable you to save on long-term benefits. But to make our top-class products accessible for everyone in Singapore, we have kept our prices at the bare minimum.

We have a range of solar films suitable for different budgets. You can choose based upon types and requirements to find a film that provides maximum utility in your budget.

7. Car Solar Film Singapore Promotion:

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