Why Should You Get a Tinted Glass for Car?

Car is like a second home for most of the people in Singapore. Especially for the working class, they a reasonable period of their way traveling to and from work and other important destinations.

Road accidents are an inevitable risk of traveling in a car, but that is not the only or the biggest risk. Traveling in a car comes with a lot more risks, such as eye and skin cancer due to long direct exposure to the sunlight. It can also lead you to severe heat build-up a in a climate like Singapore’s, putting you at risk of heatstroke.

Similarly, there are risks of attacks and thefts as glass windows make your car vulnerable to break-ins.

But if you drive a tinted glass window car, you can avoid all such risks and have a safer time driving your car. Here is how tinted glass for a car can help you:

1. Medical Benefits Tinted Glass for Car:

As mentioned earlier, harmful UV and IR rays pose a severe threat to human health. UV rays are the leading cause of skin and eye cancer, and the risk increases manifold with the exposure as long as one gets in the car.

A tinted glass window car becomes capable of blocking up to 99% of UV radiations from the sun because of the tint film. They also weaken the remaining 1%, making your car as safe as possible.

Also, they only block out the harmful radiations while allowing the beneficial ones to pass through the glass, especially those responsible for breaking down melatonin and producing vitamin D.

2. Safe Driving with Tinted Glass Window Car:

Good quality tinted glass for car can make your driving much safer than regular glass.

You must have noticed the dispersion of light as it hits your car’s glass. The glaring effect is the dispersed light occupying the glass and blocking your vision across it.

Such a situation can cause severe road accidents. The problem heightens in low-light as the vision is already somewhat compromised. In the worst-case scenario, you can even be temporarily blinded by the high beams of other cars.

A tint film saves you from such situations by eliminating the glaring effect from your window. With a tint film on, it does not get dispersed when the light strikes the surface. Instead, it passes through, giving you a better vision.

3. Privacy with Tinted Glass for Car:

As established, a car is like a second home, and what is the purpose of a house if it cannot give you privacy?

You are virtually exposed to regular glass windows while driving on the road or while parked in a parking lot. But with a tint film, your car will get the ultimate privacy that you deserve.

The dark shade of window tint can reduce the visibility across the glass, especially from the outside. With a metallic glass tint, you can get a reflective look, while with carbon, you can get a matte look that will completely block the vision.

It will also provide you with an added sense of security.

4. Security of Tinted Glass Window Car:

Another concern of drivers is their security in the car, as it is fairly accessible if some hit the window and shatter it. The intruder can threaten you, harm you, or steal from you.

Moreover, the broken glass can also damage your skin in case of an accident.

You might be surprised to learn that a tint film can save you from all such problems by making your glass windows virtually shatter-proof.

A good quality glass window tint maintains a firm grip against the glass, as it can be treated as a part of the glass. It acts as an extra protective layer that absorbs the shocks and keeps the glass shattering.

Even if the shock is severe and the glass gets cracked, the film holds the shattered pieces together and does not let the crack grow to the edge, maintaining a wall between the outside and inside the car.

5. Cost-Effectiveness of Tinted Glass Window Car:

Many drivers initially see tint films as an additional expense, but it is only a matter of time to realize that a tint film actually makes their car more cost-effective.

By blocking excessive sunlight out of the car, a tint film keeps the car’s interior from heating up, reducing the need for air conditioning and fuel consumption.

Similarly, it also protects your upholstery from direct exposure to sunlight, which could have damaged it, caused cracking and fading.

With car tint, you will not only be saving your fuel and getting better mileage, but you will also get long-term benefits for your car’s performance and save on its maintenance and servicing.

6. Comfortable Driving with Tinted Glass for Car:

As the tint film will block excess heat out of your car, you will get an optimum temperature inside it in both hot and cold weather.

The excess heat could otherwise have made the driving experience quite unpleasant and could even have led to a heat stroke.

7. Stylish Look with Tinted Glass for Car:

Besides enormous health benefits and security advantages, a tint film can make your car stand out in the crowd. The shade of a tint film will add a stylish touch to your car.

With the range of car tints, you can get a number of looks for your glass windows. You can make them reflective in a way that the person looking from the outside will see his own reflection. You can also make it lustrous and shiny.

For better aesthetics, you can choose carbon tint film and get a matte look that will give your car a dark vibe. With ceramic tint film, you can get many shades ranging from light to dark as per your preference.

If you prefer a simple and minimalistic look and do not want to attract attention, you can still get all the benefits of a car tint without having to tint the glass by using a crystalline car tint.

A tint film can give you all these different looks without hampering your vision in any way, as you will be able to see through the window while sitting inside clearly.


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