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Top 7 Tips For Choosing The Best Car Tinting Service In Singapore

Are you looking for a good and trustworthy car tinting service provider in Singapore?

Car tinting services are very common these days and you will find plenty of car window tinting service providers around you, but not every service provider is reliable and provides quality services. Inexperienced or low-quality products will not last you long, and you will have to get new tinting after a few months.

So, we recommend you do thorough research and only choose a car tinting service Provider Company that satisfies you.

You must be thinking about how to do thorough research and find the best tinting services provider in Singapore. Here are a few tips that can help you find the best in business. Read on and act accordingly.

1. Look for recommendations

Every search starts with recommendations! So, ask your friends, family members, or colleagues for recommendations. Make sure to ask people who have already done car tinting in Singapore. They will be able to share their experience with you, and you can learn from their experience.

Other than that, you can also search over the internet for good car tinting service providers near you. Google will provide you with a list of all the car window tinting service providers near you. However, don’t just choose the first recommendation that comes your way. Always perform thorough research before choosing the right company. And for that, you can follow the below steps.

2. Check Their Reviews

Recommendations will give you so many options that choosing one of them is going to be very difficult for you. So, shortlist window tint companies that have good customer reviews. You can check their website and social media accounts for customer feedback. People often share their good and bad experiences on the company’s social media accounts as feedback. Select companies that have mostly good reviews and not all good reviews, because all good reviews mean the company has hired people to leave good comments and they are not legitimate.

You can also check third-party websites for reviews and ratings.

3. Check Their Portfolio

The next step in your quest for the best tinting company in Singapore is to check the portfolios of the companies you have shortlisted. Check their websites or social media accounts for portfolios. Almost all reputed companies showcase their best work on the internet for their new clients.

So, check their portfolio and move forward only if their portfolio is in accordance with your expectations and satisfies you.

4. What Type of Car Window Tints Do They Provide?

Now that you have shortlisted companies that have good reviews and a good portfolio as well, it’s time to shortlist companies that are offering what you need. Car window tints are available in different materials, and every material has its own pros and cons. Like solar film, window tint does not darken your windows, but it completely blocks UV rays and is good for you if you don’t like dark windows but like the benefits that window tints offer. Dyed film window tints are a cost-effective tinting option and they darken your window, but they do not provide UV ray blockage.

So, choose a company that provides your desired type of car window tinting services and is an expert in it.

5. Are They Providing a Warranty?

Another important factor to look for in a car window tinting company is the warranty. So, check if they are providing a warranty for their tinting service or not. All reliable and good car window tinting service providers provide a warranty for their services. This means they are using high-quality products and their service is up to the mark. And if you have any issues with the tinting, the company will resolve them without bothering you.

6. Are they experienced?

You might have heard that practise makes a man perfect. That is actually true!!

Experience gives tinting companies the expertise that is required to apply tint to your car windows expertly without causing any bubbles. Moreover, experienced and expert tinting service providers also have knowledge about which type of tinting would be suitable for your car. So, if you have any doubts about the type of tinting you need, consult the experts. They will guide you to which type of tint fulfils your requirements and is also within your budget.

7. Check the Pricing

Lastly, check the price of the tinting services the company is offering. Naturally, you would want to hire the company that is offering the lowest prices, but don’t fall for the trap. Extremely low and too-good-to-be-true prices are always a trap, and companies use low-quality products. But that doesn’t mean you should go for the company that is offering the highest rates. Just look for a company that is charging market competitive rates and is also providing quality services. It’s as simple as that!

We hope our guide will help you find the best car tinting service provider in Singapore. However, if you don’t have time to do all the research, choose Awesome Tints for the best car window services in Singapore. Awesome Tints is one of the leading car tinting Singapore companies and has been providing quality services for many years. Our knowledgeable and trained staff will advise you on the best type of tint for your vehicle. Moreover, all products used at Awesome Tints are high quality, and you will not face any issues with our quality of services.

Need more answers? Feel free to contact us or visit us! Our customer support will guide you in every way possible.


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