Automotive Series

Design and develop for optimum performance and durability. At Awesome Tints we have various films to meet your budget and specifications. Our films can withstand extreme heat and direct sunlight explosure especially in Singapore weather. Upon installation, you will immediately notice a significant reduction in glare and heat, giving you a comfortable and safe driving experience

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The Awesome Series offers Good protection with excellent UV rejection ratio, giving you the highest level of protection against interior fading. This basic package provides up to 99% UV protection and acceptable level of solar energy heat rejection. It also adds an additional layer of protection against scratch and shatter.

  • Infrared heat rejection – 65%
  • UV rejection – 99%
  • 4 years warranty
  • 100% LTA approved
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The Extra Awesome Series offers Enhanced protection with excellent UV rejection ratio with high level of solar energy rejection. 

This is designed for car lovers who desire enhanced level of driving comfort using the latest nano technology and to guarantee a long lasting performance for your investment.

  • Infrared heat rejection – 91%
  • UV rejection – 99%
  • 7 years warranty
  • 100% LTA approved


The Supreme Awesome Series is meant for drivers and car lovers who demand only the best for their beloved car. Incorporating the latest nano technology, this high performance film provides a Best In Class performance for excellent visibility, heat rejection and privacy. You will instantly experience a significant reduction in heat rejection even in the most extreme weather.

  • Infrared heat rejection – 99%
  • UV rejection – up to 100%
  • 10 years warranty
  • 100% LTA approved
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